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Crown Ace Hardware Hosts BINGO in Seacrest Studios

Last week our friends from Crown Ace Hardware stopped by Seacrest Studios to help host and call out numbers for our almost-daily BINGO game! Equipped with enthusiasm and comical costumes, our Crown Ace partners brought the laughs and helped make BINGO a little brighter for our patients here at CHOC.

Our Crown Ace Hardware locations rank among the top ten fundraising Ace Retailers across the nation when it comes to rounding up for Children’s Miracle Network! And it turns out their talents don’t stop at fundraising!

From calling numbers to telling jokes, Skip, Becca, Alana and Steve did a stand-up job of helping us host four full rounds of BINGO – they even received some help hosting from a couple of our star patients who joined us in Seacrest Studios to enjoy BINGO live. With a huge box of prizes in tow, our Crown Ace hosts helped supply special prizes to our various BINGO game winners.

On behalf of our patients, families and major BINGO fans here at CHOC, thank you for your hosting expertise and the endless laughs – we can’t wait to have you back!

Alana, Steve, Skip and Becca of Crown Ace Hardware after hosting four successful rounds of BINGO!