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Reindeers running wild at CHOC

At CHOC Children’s we place a high emphasis on being a child and creating moments for children to play, laugh, and just be kids. To help do this, our partners at Walmart stopped by to add a little extra holiday spirit to two of our child playrooms.


Walmart Associates form Market 466 arrived early morning fully decked out in reindeer antlers, elf & Santa hats, and plenty of holiday decorations. As they made their way from one room to the other and back and forth, kiddos peered through the windows dazzled by wonders within. Inclusively – laughing and smiling as the reindeer antlers ran past the halls.


When each of the playroom’s transformations were complete, the rooms glistened with holiday cheer! Thank you, Walmart and the Associates who took their time to visit and bring some cheer. An act as simple as holiday decorating means the world to our kiddos and families. So, from the bottoms of our hearts – thank you Walmart!

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