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Why I Extra Life: For Two Miracle Babies

The “Why I Extra Life” series is a web series where Extra Life participants share their reasons for supporting their Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through gaming. The post below was written by James Wong, Extra Life participant and family friend of former Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals patients.

It’s obvious that I enjoy playing video games. But, more importantly, I choose to support Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC) through Extra Life, because of two miracle babies treated at that hospital.


My friends since college, John and Sandy, welcomed their son, Jordan Kazuki Dalog, into the world on February 20, 2008. He was born premature, almost 16 weeks ahead of schedule, and weighed just one pound and 12 ounces.

Jordan was born with chronic lung disease, retinopathy of prematurity, intestinal atresia, mild cerebral palsy, and other complications that were typical for babies born too early. He spent 159 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but has since grown to be a healthy 6-year-old. This would have not been possible without the care he received at CHOC.

Just before last year’s Extra Life event, Kayla Kana Dalog was born, on October 26, 13 weeks ahead of schedule, weighing two pounds and two ounces. Although she didn’t have as many respiratory issues as her older brother, she stayed in the NICU for 97 days in order to grow bigger and stronger.

That’s why I’m doing this gaming event. Jordan is the reason I am supporting CHOC.