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Community Kindness from Walmart & Associates

Walmart has been a long-standing partner with CHOC, helping us advance our mission to nurture, advance and protect the health and well-being of children.

From employee giving to in-store campaigns, volunteerism and community grants – the support of Walmart and their associate’s passion to make a difference in our community has helped enable CHOC to continue providing compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients.

In 2020, as our world was turned upside down by COVID-19. No one could have predicted its lingering effects in every sector, including healthcare. As COVID-19 forced many kids into isolation, exacerbating mental health issues, CHOC continued to offer resources, training and outreach to pediatricians, schools and therapists.

With the help of partners like Walmart, CHOC was able to expand our mental health services to meet the need of our community. Through their Community Grants program our Orange County Walmart’s, Neighborhood Markets, and Sam’s Club locations joined together to grant $29,125 in support of our Mental Health Center.

It is the support of community leaders like Walmart that plays a critical role in equipping us to safeguard and heal our young patients. During this time of change and uncertainty for everyone, thank you Walmart and your associates for remaining by our side and believing in the importance of giving children the best chance to heal, play and dream.


Thank you Walmart for the difference you make!


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