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Crown Ace Hardware Rounds Up for CHOC

When it comes to fundraising via register round up, Crown Ace Hardware stores can consider themselves experts! Taking full advantage of nearly every opportunity to raise money for CHOC, our Crown Ace Hardware stores not only participate in the April Round Up for Kids campaign, they also round up for CHOC every other month throughout the entire year. While the frequency of their fundraising is incredible, what sets Crown Ace Hardware apart is the fact that they are truly a community partner. In between CHOC Round Up, they fundraise for local organizations including Costa Mesa High School, Lincoln Elementary, Ronald McDonald House, Carnival for a Cause, Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center and more. An invaluable philanthropic partner, we are so grateful for our partnership.

In the month of June, our Orange County Crown Ace Hardware stores went so incredibly above and beyond with Round Up, we had to take a moment to recognize the top five fundraisers!

Crown Ace Hardware June Round Up Results:

  1. Crown Ace Hardware Newport Beach (Irvine Avenue) – 6,523 round ups for a total of $3,193.84 raised for kids!
  2. Crown Ace Hardware Newport Beach (San Miguel Drive) – 4,640 round ups for a total of $2,137.52 raised for the kids!
  3. Crown Ace Hardware Huntington Beach – 3,992 round ups for a total of $1,898.08 raised for the kids!
  4. Crown Ace Hardware Corona Del Mar – 3,328 round ups for a total of $1,654.27 raised for the kids!
  5. Crown Ace Hardware Costa Mesa – 2,625 round ups for a total of $1,216.94 raised for the kids!

June Round Up may have come and gone, but CMNH Bucket Days are just around the corner! From August 3rd to August 5th, participating Ace Hardware stores will be selling Blue Buckets for $5.00 each to benefit CHOC. Customers will then receive 20% off of whatever they can fit inside the bucket.  Be sure to stop by your local Ace Hardware for some great deals that benefit a great cause!