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Walgreen’s kicks off their 2019 campaign with a tour of CHOC Children’s

To get pumped up and ready to go for their 2019 campaign to benefit their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, CHOC Children’s, a group of Walgreens team members visited CHOC Children’s to see where their fundraising efforts support and to learn more ways to engage their teams and customers.

Here are some quotes from the team members about their tour and why they raise funds for CHOC Children’s:

I love how they’re using the Seacrest Studios and having doctors perform youtube like shows because they realized how kids feel connected with people on YouTube… And I love how they’re making mental health a priority, even by examining kids going thru the ER.

Tiny is always mighty!

I learned all about their increase in mental health.

The visit was great, I’ve had customers thank us for supporting Choc. Some of them cried after they read patient stories and pictures.

“Dream high, beyond the sky; no matter wings so small, keep vision bright; just dare to learn, for you are born to fly” Jordan Hoechlin.

It was really eye opening to see in person how Choc makes a difference to so many people. There are so many resources and programs they offer to help children and their family -its just amazing to know that every dollar can help in so many ways.

In 2018, Walgreens raised over $34,000 for CHOC Children’s with 49 highly engaged and motivated stores! Similar to last year, Walgreen’s raises money by asking customers to make a donation at the register when they check out.

The campaign will run from September 8th through 22nd at all Orange County Walgreens locations!

Thank you Walgreens for continuing to support CHOC Children’s!